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Rental conditions

Please read this document before you complete our booking as it provides important information about your booking and your rental, including what to bring with you when you pick up the vehicle and your responsibilities.

Please also read the General Conditions of Rental (“General Conditions”), Location Specific Conditions (“Location Conditions”) and your Rental Agreement. Your Rental Agreement is based on the terms and conditions contained in the General Conditions and the Location Conditions and will be provided to you at the time you pick up the vehicle.

You should carefully read the Rental Agreement provided at time of pick-up as it might either contain additional location specific terms and conditions or may differ from the General Conditions supplied during the booking process. We recommend you pay particular attention to the sections on ‘Accidents, Theft and Damage, and ‘Waivers’.

It is important to us that you enjoy your rental experience and that you have all the information you need. It might take you a little time now but it could save you time later.

Making a booking

A booking allows you to reserve a vehicle and optional extras for ‘pick-up’ at a particular time, date and location and for the agreed rental period. You must meet our Rental Requirements. You must agree and sign the Rental Agreement.

By making a booking you agree to be provided with a copy of these booking terms, the General Conditions and the Location Conditions electronically using the email address you have provided.

Pay at location:

With ‘Pay at Location’ bookings you request a vehicle now but pay for it at the agreed pick-up location.

‘Pay at Location’ prices may be less competitive than ‘NON REFUNDABLE PRICE’. You must pay a fee if you do not cancel your booking and your fail to show-up.

We call this a non-cancellation fee. Please see the ‘Cancellations’ section for details.

Changing booking

You may change your booking  ‘Pay at Location’ booking any time before the day you are due to pick-up the vehicle by calling Reservations. You may be able to change your booking on the pick-up day, but you will need to check with Reservations.

We will send you a revised booking confirmation email confirming your new booking details and new amount paid to the email address you provided.


You may cancel your booking up to 7 days before the pick up with no penalties by calling Reservations +39 0707966254 - whatsApp +393458791724 - 

One week before the rental, you will be asked by phone or via whatsapp for a debit/credit card as a guarantee (the same card you will use to pay at the pick-up) for a 'block of funds' of the quoted amount.

Depending on when you cancel, you may be charged either a cancellation fee or a non- cancellation fee. The fee is calculated taking into account the type of booking, the amount of notice you have given and the location where you would have picked up your vehicle.

The price

The vehicle rental price is calculated based on your requested start and end dates and times, the rental location(s), the amount of time you rent for, the type of vehicle stated you requested.

The price of optional extras – such as baby seats, additional driver(s), excess reduction products, delivery charges and GPS devices – are calculated based on the requested start and end dates and times and the rental location from which you will pick-up the vehicle.

Rental requirements

You must bring your reservation number or booking confirmation email with you. It will help the location find your details so you can get on your way as quickly as possible.

Driving Licence

We may refuse to allow any driver to drive the vehicle who (i) does not hold a full driving licence valid for use in the country of rental for the entire rental period, (ii) has not brought an international driving licence or official translation (if applicable), (iii) has not held their licence for the minimum period required by the rental location, (iv) has driving related convictions, or (v) who does not meet our security or credit checks.

Proof of Identity, Photo ID and Proof of Address

Please note that not all locations will accept a driving licence as a valid form of identity or address. As such, the person hiring the vehicle must bring proof of their identity, e.g. a valid current passport or identity card/document. The photo ID must be recognisable. The person hiring the vehicle must also bring proof of their address. This could include a recent utility bill or a bank statement that shows the address.

Drivers shall ensure that the rental agreement indicates their personal postal address.

Payment Methods

We generally accept American Express (excluding Travellers Cheque Cards), Diners, Visa and MasterCard (in both cases excluding prepaid cards) and Avis issued charge cards. For more information please read the Location Conditions – Payment Section or call Reservations.

Pre-Authorisations and Security Deposits:

Before the rental location will let you rent a vehicle, they will take a pre-authorisation or a security deposit. You must use an approved payment card that is in your name and has enough funds available on it.

At vehicle return, the final payment amount will be calculated and processed using the payment card provided. If the final payment is greater than the security deposit, the rental location will ask you to pay the difference. If the final payment is less than the security deposit – or you choose to pay using a different method – you will need to contact Customer Services to get a refund.

If you choose to pay by a different method, please be aware that the pre-authorisation on the original card will remain until released by your card company.

Your card company not the rental location is responsible for releasing pre-authorisations and processing approved refunds and this can take up to 28 days.

Driver Age Restrictions

The minimum age required for rentals in Italy is thus regulated 25 years (pat. Cat. B valid and issued for at least 1 year).

Security Checks

By making a booking you agree to identity, security, driving licence and credit checks being carried out against you and any additional drivers or persons making payment towards the rental.

The rental location may refuse to rent the vehicle if you or the person making payment fails any of the checks and this leads us to believe that you, the person payment for the vehicle, the driver or any additional driver results in the rental being deemed high risk. The rental location may refuse to allow a driver to drive the vehicle if they fail any of the checks. The rental location may, if allowed by law, refuse to rent the vehicle if you or any person making payment owes any amount owed to them or any other member of the Welcome to Sardinia or another group company.

If any information you have given is shown to be false or inaccurate, then you’ll have broken your contract. You will then have to pay for any costs or damages we have incurred.



If there are no vehicles available in the group you booked, the rental location will try to find you a vehicle from a higher group at no extra cost. If they can only find you a vehicle in a lower group and you agree to rent this vehicle, you will only be charged for the value of that vehicle. If you have already paid, you will be entitled to a refund of the difference.

If you have booked a larger size vehicle and it is unavailable, to get you on your way, the rental location may provide you with more than one vehicle or suggest you use alternative transport until they can get a vehicle in the group requested to you.

This rarely happens, but if no vehicles are available, you will of course be entitled to a full refund of any amount you’ve already paid.

Optional Extras

It would be unusual for the rental location not to have an optional extra you pre-booked. If it does happen, they will try to get one from another rental location. If this is not possible, the rental location will (at their option): buy a new one for you, ask you to buy a reasonably priced one from elsewhere and reimburse you the price paid or refund you the cost of the pre-booked optional extra.


We/the vehicle rental provider (as the case may be) will not be responsible for losses you have suffered as a result of us or the vehicle rental provider breaching these booking terms where such losses are not within ours/the vehicle rental provider’s and your contemplation at the time the booking is made. We/the vehicle rental provider are not responsible for any indirect losses (such as loss of profits, loss of enjoyment or loss of opportunity). These limitations will not apply to the extent not permissible by law. Nothing in these booking terms reduces your statutory rights relating to a refund (if any).

Personal Information

By making a booking, you expressly agree to us using and transferring your personal information for as long as the law allows us to as set out in this section.

We will use (or process) your personal information in order to:

  • Request the reservation of the rental services to you,

  • Carry out relevant identity, security, driving licence and credit checks,

  • Maintain and improve our administration and management of our services,

  • Send you information about similar goods and services that we think will be of interest to you if the law allows us to do so. We do not share your personal information with third parties to use for marketing purposes unrelated to Welcome to Sardinia. You may opt out of receiving such information at any time by contacting Customer Services.

Complaints Referral

Our partner is a member of the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) and a number of local car rental conciliation services. These organisations independently review disputes with no additional cost to you. If you make a complaint and are unhappy with our final response you can refer your dispute to the relevant conciliation service. We will tell you who this is.

CONTACT US: For information on the ECRCS, please call our customer services 

Thank you for choosing to rent with us.

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